Announcement: Moissanite Reviews

Moissanite Reviews

This website is created to provide comprehensive moissanite reviews and information for all potential jewelry purchasers and how this particular gem fares compared to other gems such as diamond and the like. So what is moissanite? Moissanite is a type of precious stones that is somewhat similar to diamonds in appearance.

However, unlike diamonds which can be found on earth, moissanite is a cosmic substance that is only available to earth through meteorite bombardments. Moissanite on itself is rarely available on earth and its main source is through the meteorites which bring them to us. Originally, moissanite is discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan back in the year 1893 when he was studying the shiny and brilliant substance in meteorites.

Initially thought as diamonds, the brilliant substance was later identified as another material known as Silicon Carbide (SiC). With the discovery of this new material in 1905, SiC is then named after him as an honor and is now what is commonly known as moissanite.

moissanite reviews

Moissanite Reviews

Synthetic Moissanite

As moissanite is rare and is hardly available on earth, scientists however, have found a way to make synthetic version of moissanite in the laboratories and they are now available in productions. Read how synthetic moissanite is created in the lab. Despite being cheaper than diamonds by many folds, moissanite has been found to exhibit many charasteristics that is quite similar or even surpass those of the real diamonds making it an excellent alternative to diamond.

As a comparison, moissanite has in fact exhibited even greater lusture, brilliance and also better reflection value as compared to a real diamond but the only characteristic that is inferior to diamond is its hardness which is just a tad lower in value.¬†Despite all the encouraging characteristics, then why isn’t moissanite as popular as diamonds?

The reason to this is due to the bad publicity of moissanite as fake diamonds all the years, but there are now evidence that moissanite has shown signs of growing acceptance and is increasingly sought after by people who are looking for quality jewelries. Read also moissanite vs diamonds and see how they fare.

Moissanite Jewelries

Given the great affordability of moissanite stones, one can get a jewelry with many times bigger in size than a similar jewelry with diamond. Today you can find moissanite in practically any type of jewelries ranging from moissanite engagement rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings to complete bridal jewelries, moissanite wedding sets and even ornaments. 

So if you are looking for an affordable jewelry, it is not a bad idea to consider moissanite given all its great characteristics that have been outlined in the moissanite reviews. So, make your pick.