Emerald Cut Moissanite : The Best Shape Designed For Moissanite

Emerald cut moissanite is a particularly attractive moissanite gemstone shape that is most commonly used as engagement and wedding rings. Also known as radiant cut, emarald cut moissanite is a gem cutting that is specially designed to exploit the different refraction properties of a moissanite gemstone.

As moissanite stone has long been known for its excellent optical features, even surpassing those of a typical diamond, this glittering gemstone is so beautiful and marvelous in the way that by working to combinate the great luster of this moissanite gemstone with the unique emarald cutting designed to obtain maximum light refraction as well as to show off its radiance and brilliance, this special combination allows the perfect engagement ring ever to be created.

emerald cut moissanite

Emerald Cut Moissanite

Emerald cut moissanite is a rectangular shaped stone cutting with angled corners. It is best matched with white gold or platinum settings as the colorless nature of this stone goes perfectly well with the silvery color of the ring. Although there are also some that come with yellow gold rings, they are not as popular as the colors do not blend very well.

This is also one reason why you would generally see more rings that come with white gold rather than yellow gold displayed in your local jewelry store. Moissanite jewelries that come with platinum ring are also not as common or practical due to the high price of platinum. As moissanite is a cheaper alternative to real diamond (though still more expensive than a cubic zirconia), the main reason why people buy moissanite rings is because of their unwillingness to pay high price for a diamond ring.

So these people choose moissanite instead. But moissanite with platinum rings however, will send the price skyrocketing and people are not going to pay for this. So if you are planning to get an emarald cut moissanite ring for engagement or wedding, the one that comes with white gold ring setting is no doubt the best choice to make. You get not only a beautiful emarald cut moissanite ring, but also at an affordable price.

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