Lab Created Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds : Find Out The Truth

A diamond is supposed to be a diamond, right? Actually, the question has recently risen about lab created diamonds vs real diamonds and whether or not the difference warrants the price. The answer relies solely with the preference of the person, but it’s important to know what the difference is.

Obviously, real diamonds are produced naturally and mined for withdraw while lab created diamonds are man-made. But, is there a noticeable difference between man-made diamonds vs real diamonds? To an experienced jeweler, the answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less valuable.

lab created diamonds vs real diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds

We now take a closer look at both of these diamonds. The similarities between real and fabricated diamonds are extremely close. Since diamonds are known for their imperfections from being altered by the natural environment, and hence when scientists create lab diamonds, they are trying to insure the same thing.

But, what has been proven is that diamonds created in a lab are able to be made flawless and is easier to add color. This is really a big advantage especially for those who enjoy and love a perfect or colorful diamond. These lab created diamonds would be their best choice.

man made diamonds vs real diamonds

The fact remains that all of the ingredients used naturally to create the perfect diamond is recreated in a lab to mimic the same exact settings and style. The only difference between lab created diamonds vs real diamonds is that the elements are being used by man rather than the natural environment.

This also implies that instead of a diamond taking several millennia to be created; it will only take a few hours or days depending on the person manufacturing it. This allows diamonds to be produced and sold for profit though this process would unfortunately, diminishes its rarity.

But, the fact remains that when you go to a store and look for diamonds, there isn’t any information regarding the origin of the stone. This is because it truly does not matter as both are considered to be diamond. Anything that identifies a real diamond is guaranteed to be seen in a lab created diamond, so the difference means nothing.

It’s important not to confuse a lab created diamond for a moissanite or cubic zirconia because the fact remains, it is neither. For moissanite reviews you should read moissanite vs diamonds instead.

When looking at the similarities between lab created diamonds vs real diamonds, the one thing you’ll notice is that both are still considered to be diamonds in any way you look at it. The only difference is that there is some control when they are fabricated making it a common stone to be purchased. So choose your pick.

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