Moissanite Engagement Rings – Why It Can Be Your Perfect Choice

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Why should you get moissanite engagement rings instead of diamonds? The reason is simple. Simply because moissanite engagement rings have all the qualities, characteristics and attributes of a diamond! In fact, no other gems on earth have such similarities and they are not even close.

This is why the perfect engagement ring for her doesn’t always have to include a diamond. In fact, more and more women today are taking advantage of what moissanite stone has to offer, which is a stone often mistaken by many for the precious diamond. Moissanite engagement rings have no doubt become a popular search within the past few years due to the options available at just a fraction of the price of what you pay for a diamond engagement ring.

As has already been mentioned, moissanite is rather similar to diamond on both its characteristics and appearance. It is a rare stone known as silicon carbide that is typically only found in sites where meteors have collided with earth. While it is really scarce, the advancement of technologies today has enabled scientists today to be able to synthetically duplicate the stone and produce more products at an even more affordable price. This way you would not be sacrificing look for cost! Although moissanite is significantly cheaper than diamond, it is still relatively more expensive than cubic zirconia.

Why Moissanite Engagement Rings?

But why choose a moissanite? Moissanite is a natural occurring colorless mineral that looks very similar to diamond. In fact, it has more sparkles as well as more brilliant and is almost as hard as a diamond. Often they look so alike that even jewelers are having a hard time differentiating them. Many people called them as fake diamonds but that statement is absolutely not true at all.

Moissanite has nothing related to diamond in composition term. It is entirely a different type of mineral that looks just like diamond. So just think of the ring you bought for your loved ones as a moissanite engagement ring and not some fake diamond rings. Drop the negative mentality.

There are many advantages of owning moissanite engagement rings, and they include:

1. The price is significantly cheaper
2. Has more brilliance
3. Has more fire
4. Is almost as hard as a diamond at 9.25Mohs (Diamond: 10Mohs)

moissanite engagement rings

Despite all the advantages, there are some disadvantages too however, and they are;

1. May look slightly greenish or grayish under bright daylight condition.
2. Not as hard as a diamond (though some may view this hardness as a slight disadvantage.)
3. It gives the cheap feeling of buying a fake diamond, (yes that negative mentality again!).

moissanite engagement rings

For a full review and understanding of the stones, read moissanite reviews as well as moissanite vs diamond to have an idea how and where they really differ.

Nonetheless, the advantages still far outweigh the disadvantages of choosing a moissanite. Moissanite can be a great substitute for diamond given their many similarities and what’s more important is that moissanite is shinier and has more fire and brilliance compared to a diamond. In other words, it is more superior to a diamond with its extraordinary characteristics. If not for the negative mentality and publicity it has gotten all these years, moissanite would have obtained a better place.

moissanite engagement rings review

Moissanite Engagement Rings Reviews

In fact, not only are all of the reviews extremely positive and encouraging, there are also many that have officially made the switch from diamond to moissanite because of their experience! These stones can be placed in any setting including silver, gold, or even platinum, if that is a favorite.

There aren’t any limitations that a moissanite stone can do and that is very clear when reading the reviews. One of the most common responses depicted a certain situation where the strength is tested during every day wear and tear. Read the real fact about synthetic moissanite here.

As expected, the moissanite engagement ring reviews all indicate the same subject. The stone has been able to withstand banging, brushing, and even salt water making it just as durable as a diamond. This doesn’t include the shine that is discussed in practically every review you can find. No doubt consumers have all agreed, the shine is brighter than a typical diamond! And that’s a proven factor for sure.

The fact is truly that you shouldn’t accept less when referring to an engagement ring. It signifies “forever” and most people truly believe that only a diamond can show that. However, based on the moissanite engagement ring reviews, this couldn’t be farther from truth. This stone is just as strong as a diamond and can definitely signify forever!

Hence, you should consider moissanite the next time you go jewelry hunting. Indeed, moissanite engagement rings could be your perfect choice for your engagement.  And since even some jewelers that are unable to tell the differences with a naked eye and isn’t that is all that really matters, right? Also read moissanite wedding sets here.

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