Moissanite Vs Diamonds : Your Comparison Guide

Moissanite and diamonds are both precious gemstones that share many comparable characteristics and they have often caused countless debates as to which one a person should get when buying a jewelry. Hence, this moissanite vs diamonds comparison guide is created to help you clear up the issue.

If you do not know what moissanite is, read moissanite reviews for more information. As for comparison in this moissanite vs diamonds guide, the major characteristics and attributes of both the gemstones will be compared, they are; brilliance, dispersion and hardness.

Moissanite Vs Diamonds

Now let’s take an in-depth look at each of these major characteristics.


In order to make a brilliance comparison between diamonds and moissanite, the index of refraction is used. Also known as a refractive index, the index determine how much light speed is reduced when light passes through the body of the substance in a vacuum environment. Also, when light passes through the body of the substance, some of it is reflected off the surface of the material and it is this light reflection that determmines the refractive index.

A higher refractive index means that more lights are reflected off the surface while a lower value indicates less light reflection. A diamond has been known to have a refractive index of 2.42 while moissanite has a value of 2.68. Cubic zirconia on the other hand, has a value of 2.16 while a normal glass has a value of 1.52. As can be seen in this case, moissanite has the real sparkle. It is the winner in this brilliance comparison test.


To compare the dispersion value in our moissanite vs diamonds test, we can determine the fire effect of each of these minerals. Dispersion is a measurement of a substance in its ability to separate white light into a color range, the true spectrum of rainbow colors. It works much like how the prism separate light into rainbow colors done in school experiments.

The greater the dispersion value, the more lights separate, hence the greater the fire effects of the mineral substance. Diamond has a dispersion value of 0.044, Quartz has a value of 0.013 while moissanite has 0.104 which is significantly higher than diamond. As such moissanite is truly the winner in this dispersion comparison.

Although there are also some other colorful gemstones with greater dispersion value compared to diamond such as benitoite, which has a value of 0.046, these colored gemstones do not show much fire effect because they are colored. Their color miminizes the fire effects on them significantly.

moissanite vs diamonds


As anyone already knows that diamond is the hardest natural material ever known, it carries a value of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Mohs hardness scale is a scale that grades mineral hardness from a value of 1 to 10, from the softest to hardest respectively. As diamond has a value of 10, it means that it is the hardest of all minerals.

Moissanite on the other hand, holds a hardness value of 9.25 which on the scale. Although it does not beat the hardness grade of diamond, it is still much harder than many other minerals such as cubic zirconia, 8 and quartz, 7. Nevertheless, diamond is the hardest known substance and it wins in this hardness test.

Moissanite Vs Diamonds Conclusion

In conclusion, from the moissanite vs diamonds comparison above, one can clearly see that moissanite is the ultimate winner since it holds two out of the three categories win. Despite losing in the hardness comparison test, moissanite is still no doubt one of the hardest minerals out there. Furthermore, moissanite is also a great sparkler and it has more fire!

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