Moissanite Wedding Sets : The Must-Have For Your Wedding

Ever since the last decade, moissanite wedding sets have become more and more popular among couples who are getting married. Unlike diamonds, which have traditionally been used in wedding sets, moissanite wedding sets offer a cheaper alternative for the couples who are getting married.

Identical to diamonds in appearance, moissanite is a colorless gemstone with greater brilliance and fire that even exceed that of a diamond. Its hardness is also almost comparable to a diamond thereby making moissanite wedding sets ideal for daily wear without the need to worry much about scratches and such. Moissanite has excellent durability. In fact nowadays almost all moissanite jewelries are covered with lifetime warranties.

Moissanite Wedding Sets

Although moissanite has more fire effects, some people may consider that as being too gaudy while some others may like it. It really depends on the individual. Also under bright lighting circumstances, moissanite stone tends to exhibit a slight greenish or grayish hue while diamonds have been known to not have this problem at all.

This is a known characteristic of moissanite by being near colorless and not 100% colorless. This slight color hue however is not in any way noticable in smaller moissanite stones. It only affects the larger ones. Under typical lighting condition though, moissanite stones show no different from diamond at all. In fact, the slight color hue is so faint that moissanite and diamonds look alike. Even jewellers are finding it hard to distinguish a moissanite from a diamond.

moissanite wedding sets

Despite getting a wedding set is a once in a lifetime purchase, some people still prefer moissanite wedding set over the more traditional diamond sets given the benefits outlined above especially with the added fire effects and greater brilliance. Some people buy moissanite wedding sets because of the price difference.

For a similar sized diamond like this, the price of the wedding set could easily double up. But ultimately it still draws down to what you are looking for, how much you like the rings and how your budget fits the bill. See also moissanite eternity rings.

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