Presidium Gem Tester : Non Gemologist User Device Review

Presidium gem tester is one of the leading gemstones testing tools that is able to provide a quick, easy to use and accurate reading in identifying the various types of gems.

It is laboratory tested and is a proven tool that can easily identify various types of popular gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite.

It is also a great device that can help reduce if not, eliminate any human error all together that might occur if one were to perform manual testing.

Presidium gem tester can accurately identify the different types of gemstones through the analysis of their thermal conductivity.

This heat conduction test is one of the most accurate method used to quickly identify a stone. As different gemstones have different rate of heat conductivity, their types can be identified.

Presidium Gem Tester Review

Presidium Gem Tester

This testing device is capable to test small stones down to as small as 1mm but mounting them can be a bit difficult although not at all impossible. Our analysis has indicated that this gem tester gives consistently accurate results while testing numerous known gemstones. However, this device is unable to tell a synthetically created gemstone from its natural counterpart, but with some knowledge combined, this tool can be fantastic.

In addition, this presidium gem tester can also test gemstones embedded in other materials such as statues and even book covers.

Presidium gem tester

Hence, if you are looking for a gemstone tester which basically allows you to test stones quickly and easily without too much hassle, then this gem tester by presidium might be right for you. However, if you need more than the basic level of testing such as those used by gemologist, and to have a more comprehensive assessment of the gemstone other than just typical thermal conductivity test, then you would want to get a higher precision testing device.

With a rather inexpensive price tag of less than $250, Presidium Gem Tester can be the perfect device for the average non-gemologist out there.

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