Princess Cut Moissanite : The Increasingly Popular Shape

While emerald cut is beautiful, princess cut moissanite on the other is one of the newer shapes in cutting and design. This princess cut shape sometimes known as square modified brilliant, is created in the 1960s.

Ever since its creation, it has gradually becoming more and more prevalent over the decades and has now become the second most popular shape cutting in gemstone jewelries. While the top spot is still taken by round brilliant shape cutting, being the most preferred choice to date, pear shaped cutting on the other hand have generally been perceived as old fashioned and getting obsolete.

Unlike the round brilliant cutting which has a pavilion (the cone shaped bottom of the gemstone) and a crown (the top section of the gemstone), princess cut moissanite is completely square or rectangle in shape. Since this cutting design allows the moissanite or any other gemstones like diamond to retain up to 80% of its original weight in carat, therefore princess cut gemstones are generally a little cheaper than the round brilliant which typically can only retain up to 50% of the original weight due to the cutting.

Princess Cut Moissanite

When comparing a round brilliant cut with a princess cut moissanite gemstone of the same diameter, the latter will have a bigger size due to its square or rectangle shaped body. Hence, you will get more of the gems with this cutting.

princess cut moissanite

Also under the same high degree of brilliance, the faceting style of the princess cut moissanite can actually look unique and different from the other cutting styles effectively making it the second most popular cuttings off all. Like round brilliant cut, princess cut moissanite is also a great sparkler.

So, why not consider this cutting the next time you go jewelry shopping. You get a nice sparkling gemstone that is not only larger but also a bit cheaper too.


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