Synthetic Moissanite : The Making of This Lab Created Gem

Synthetic moissanite or synthetically created moissanite from the lab is a method created and made available by C3 Inc. during the 1990s. This new method of creating synthetic moissanite has brought about new changes to the jewelry markets whereby moissanite can be mass produced in quantities, and thus cutting down the costs.

Synthetic moissanite is available in near colorless or colorless form but today, manufacturers have developed methods to manufacture these synthetically created moissanites to have colors as well. Today you can find these colored versions in the market rather easily.

synthetic moissanite

So How Synthetic Moissanite Is Made?

Moissanite is generally a substance known as Silicon Carbide (SiC). In essence, it is a combination of silicon and carbon. Therefore to create a synthetic moissanite, both silicon and carbon as sources of raw materials are needed. Silica sand is a great source of silicon as the substance can be found in abundance on earth. In fact, it can be derived from sands too. Once this silicon is obtained, it is then combined with carbon at a very high pressure and high temperature setting so as to create an environment where these materials can vaporize and re-crystalize without forming liquid at all.

Although once re-crystalized, the stone is not yet in the shape that is readily marketable. Stringent procedures to enhance its marketability have to be performed at this stage. Therefore, to enhance its appeal, it has to be cut and polished first. After the cutting and polishing of these gemstones are done, they are sent for inspection and grading to evaluate their ratings together with its market value before it can be shipped to the jewelries stores for sale.

That’s how the moissanite jewelries you see in the shops are created synthetically. So that pretty sums up how synthetic moissanite is produced in the manufacturing site in general.

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